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trufax epic link/sheik picspam post

when i played OoT a few weeks ago, i went on a screencapping frenzy every time sheik appeared on screen. after i was finished, i found myself with over 80 caps and i thought, well, i better show the internet what i've done!

so there's this kid link, right, he meets some princess who tells her to do some stuff, which he does and ends up opening a mysterious mystical door in a temple, pulls a sword out of a pedestal and gets sent to sleep for 7 years while some evil guy tears up the place and appoints himself king of everything. link wakes up an adult, gets told to do more stuff and kill that evil guy. he's like, "wtf, okay" and makes to leave...

but WAIT, there is a mysteriously-cropped stranger standing behind him!


hello to you too, hot stuff /swoon. we'll forgive the silly name cause you got pretty eyes.

first order of business: hit on link, to get yourself in his good graces so that he doesn't complain when you tell him to do yet MORE stuff, like, go to some temples and wake up some bitches and shit. blah blah, god how disappointing, this guy is all work, no fun. all this with a very gay background harp music.

anyway, link complies because sheik asked so prettily. but i he makes sure to check sheik out some more before leaving.

i'd tell him to get moving already, but...

...i can't say i blame him.

blah blah, stuff happens, link gets a pony, robs some more graves, no one cares. he arrives to the entrance of the first temple. guess who had been waiting for him there...

well, hello.

he tells link some more stuff (to which link doesn't really pay much attention, since he can appreciate what sheik's barely hiding under that skin-tight suit much better in the light of day)

after he's done, he pulls out his instrument (not an euphemism unfortunately) and teaches link a ~magical song.

link is very talented at blowing, u guise. /old joke

sheik is not one for idle chatting, so he backs off and disappears right after. bummer.

whatever. he can never stay away for long. NEXT STOP: THE FIRE TEMPLE!

punctuality is one of sheik's best attributes. he will never be late for a date! but he does have a tendency to lurk and appear out of thin air, which is kind of creepy.

he also has a poet's soul and likes to romance his conquests.

what u sayin' boy? best try not to go overboard. link is not quite ready for that yet.

they play some more music instead. in a very interesting cutscene that includes ~intense~ flashes of their faces and eyes and fire. cause that doesn't scream UST at all (so soon! they are so MFEO).

after they're done link tries to approach sheik but is cockblocked by a wall of fire! wherever did that come from, anyway? i think sheik has like, nature-controlling powers or some shit, cause it's not the only time it happens.

sheik makes his escape while link is being held off by the fire. playing hard to get, i see. whatever.

god, i hate that dungeon. anyway, moving on... ice cavern.


uhh, explanation time-- he is named linksha because i was thinking of mishaland when i named the file. speaking of SPN associations, sheik is totally the castiel of the game (except for the personal space issues). which would make link dean (and sam = navi?), but it sort of doesn't work with the name i gave him. oh well.

no, not really, he was just loitering around waiting for you to show up.

after delivering a speech about ~young love and some sappy shit that probably had link going weak at the knees, he pulls off his goddamn harp again. to play him a serenade. fucking cocktease.

and again link tries to approach him and again sheik is having none of it. coward. you can't expect a boy to keep his distance after you kept going on about love and then serenaded him, ffs.

aaaand after the water temple we find that sheik has been waiting for link again, surprisingly not to order him around like he usually does. instead, he talks about... some stuff about ruto (WHO CARES ABOUT HER) and about the lake being back to normal. uh, i don't remember. that means it's probably not important.

and link, obvious as he is, runs towards him as soon as he sees him.

stopping at a respectable distance, of course. boy is learning!

then link gets closer to see the newly-refilled lake and hey, that's the closest they've stood to each other yet!

by the way, thanks nintendo for the ass shot.

sheik stays a little behind and gives link this long lingering look before disappearing again. *__* (icu sheik's mouth!)

and link notices almost right away and turns around, despite the fact that sheik barely made a sound.


poor link runs all over the place looking for him-- lol why even, that place is so tiny.

HEY LINK I CAN SEE UP YOUR NOSE. oh, but guess who's up the tree! why go up the tree in the first fucking place when he can disappear at will? MAYBE HE WANTED TO STARE AT LINK SOME MORE~

after that he escapes by jumping into the lake. idk, the lengths he'll go to keep the mysterious ninja-like disappearances going is kind of ridiculous. i lol'd for like five minutes at this screencap. AT LEAST CLOSE YOUR LEGS, BB!

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