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i, uh... i guess i expected it to be much worse than it was. basically the only things i disliked were sam and dean dumping cas off at the hospital and running off and meg still not being dead. but i even found meg tolerable tbh.

i just wasn't really emotionally affected by any of it, positively or negatively. not even by the ending. it was more of a minor annoyance than anything else. emmanuel was boring and so was his vanished set prop wife. i'm glad cas got his memories back quickly. i'm kind of sad that lucifer isn't 2gether 4ever with sam now, but that was going to start wearing thin sooner or later. maybe he can teach cas to play with string. maybe he'll complain to cas about missing sam.

also, is it just me or was the "always knew you'd come back" line... not there?

honestly, i just want to start that collab i have planned with annundriel about cas being rescued by sam and dean and developing a weird affinity for all things water after spending some time chilling under that lake.
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