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supernatural/bioshock fusion. no spoilers!

(i don't really like cas' face. IDK IDK)

fusion with bioshock, in which dean is jack, castiel is tenenbaum and sam is a gatherer. when i finished the game i immediately started talking to annundriel about how a potential fusion would go. i got in the mood last night, so i sketched some stuff!


we cast dean as jack, coming to rapture for sam (maybe his “trigger” was something related to sam, we dont really know yet), where he’s aided by cas. details are, er, fuzzy. it’s kind of complicated to make things work. the people of rapture have overdosed on grace rather than ADAM, which is produced/harvested by angelic vessels (sam among them) who get it from the dead angels scattered all over rapture. the gatherers are protected by demons. anyway, at some point, dean encounters sam and his demon ruby, kills her and heals sam not knowing he’s his brother. he finds out later, when cas removes his conditioning. since sam and the other healed vessels are staying with cas, they’d have a chance to know each other.

we’re not sure how to deal with the ryan/fontaine stuff. michael would work as ryan and lucifer as fontaine, but there’s also the matter of dean and sam’s biological parents.

we wanted to make this either gen or dean/cas (cause that’s how we roll). jack and tenenbaum don’t interact much in person, but we figured cas could go with dean to olympus heights/apollo square.

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