m. something-or-other (spacefragments) wrote,
m. something-or-other

everything is dead space and assassin's creed and nothing hurts*

who's getting heavily into gaming fandoms again after spending years mucking about in books and tv fandoms? ME.
i must have spent, god, weeks playing and replaying dead space 1 and 2. also developed an awkward crush on isaac clarke in the process, now that he talks and has a personality.

he's in his mid 40's and crazy, but still totally bangable.

i started assassin's creed 1 yesterday (i bought it along with bioshock 2 and dead space 2 months ago, but i wanted to play those two first). so far it's fun enough, although rather repetitive, and altair is a little boring, but i've been assured that changes later on so i'll keep up with it, despite being completely hopeless at sword fighting. i'll probably get the rest of the series, since i was also told that the games get a lot better. i have a lot of catching up to do. ._.

*except for altair's ass every time he lands on a haystack
Tags: vidya
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